Writing Project

The new writing app for classrooms!

2 élèves qui écrivent sur un portable et une tabette

"Fun • Fantastic • I can be creative • Easy to use • Wonderful app!"

— The 6th-grade students of Nathalie Banville

Engage all your students in the joy of writing

Whether they're in elementary or high school, gifted or with special needs, your students will only see it as play! With Writing Project, they will be able to:

• Write all types of texts seen in class (narratives, descriptions, arguments, etc.)

• Create stories where they are the hero and escape games based on the 3 and 5-step narrative schema.

• Collaborate by writing texts together.

• Share their stories with their classmates.

• Improve with help tools such as word prediction, speech synthesis, correction aid, definitions, etc.

• Write on all devices at school and at home.

• Print their stories.

"Fantastic discovery for my writing teaching. Thank you so much for this golden application!"

— Catherine Desfossés, 4th grade teacher

Spend more time helping your students and less time correcting.

As a teacher, you will be able to:

• Create stimulating projects for your students or use the suggested projects.

• Read and print students' stories.

• Provide quick audio feedback.

• Correct and evaluate texts (coming soon).

"My students find the project very stimulating!"

— David Brunet-Anglehart, Secondary 3 teacher

Bring your educational project to life

Is English writing part of your school's educational project? With Writing Project, you maximize your chances of success. It's simple: students and teachers love it!

Invest 45 minutes of your time by scheduling an appointment to better understand how this application can transform your school and your students!

The heartwarming app for students and teachers

"It is truly a great pedagogical joy to have a tool like Writing Project that can be used in so many different ways according to our learning intentions, also designed to facilitate feedback given to the student. And that it is almost part of a "common and coherent language" in the school between cycles, with so many possibilities for the development of all my students, regardless of their level of writing mastery or the type of text worked on, is even more appreciated."

— Sandra Desgagné, 6th-grade teacher

"The students are enthusiastic, and it was quite simple to connect to the platform. The students understand the structure of the application well, and they use it intuitively."

— David Brunet-Anglehart, Secondary 3 teacher

"My students were so charmed and motivated that they continued their story at home without being asked. We were able to watch some student stories on the interactive whiteboard, and the pride of those who agreed to have their story projected was wonderful to see. My students' comments:

It's on the computer and it's motivating.

I can add images.

I can give readers a choice for the next part of the story.

It's easy to correct.

In short, it's a very nice project that motivates students to be creative and to love writing."

— Mario Raposo, 6th-grade teacher

"Writing Project is an incredible writing application for students. The pictograms used in the structure of the schema are simple, effective, and reusable in other writing projects we do in class. Moreover, the fact that the text structure is already done makes the student's writing process easier and allows us, as teachers, to teach better by emphasizing the different parts one at a time and by guiding our students with feedback on each part. The fact that there are technological tools integrated into the program also allows our tech-savvy students to be fully engaged in their project. Finally, the playful aspect of creating a story where the reader will be the hero has charmed my entire group."

— Catherine Desfossés, 4th-grade teacher

"The students wrote their first story this morning. They loved the platform. I also greatly appreciated it; they are better structured and can organize the story better. The pride for them to see the final result. I think I will become a loyal subscriber! Looking forward to showing the result to the parents! Congratulations and thank you!"

— Josée Morin, elementary school teacher

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